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O2 is all out of iPhones

apple iphone restaurant
apple iphone restaurant

apple_iphone_restaurantIf you are heading down to an O2 shop to buy a new iPhone then you’d better check online first. The mobile operator seems to be running low on the Jesusphone.

The 16GB version of the smartphone is in shortest supply with the operator advising users to check availability of the black and white version of the  phone before trying to buy one.

And online there is a similar story. Users cannot purchase one from the net and have been advised to pick up one in store. That is of course you can find a store with an iPhone.

Apple will be supplying iPhones to Vodafone and Orange thanks to deals made recently, all of which exacerbate the problem. O2 appears to be bracing itself for an apparent upsurge in users returning iPhones in order to get a better deal from rival vendors.

It is expected that the new operators offering the iPhone will reduce the price of owning the phone by around a fiver a month.