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Spotify gets offline mode

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spotify_logoInternet music streaming service Spotify is to allow users to listen to playlists even if they are not connected to the internet.

The new funtionality will be launched soon to users of the company’s premium service. Cheapskates will still have to continue with having an internet connection.

The feature is pretty much what iPhone users get with one of Spotify’s apps. This store music to continue playback when the phone is out of reach of a 3G or wireless signal.

Both the new function and the apps available on iPhone and Android can also be accessed by premium subscribers.

While details of how the offline mode are sketchy, users apparently won’t be able to copy of playback the downloaded files on other devices. Premium users can choose individual playlists to make available offline.

The Spotify blog said that “in addition to offline mode, we’ve also added Paypal to the list of available payment methods this week for users in the UK.”

The service costs around £10 per month.