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Wii to get price cut

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wii small

wii_smallWell it started with the Xbox, then PS3 did it. Now it is turn of the Nintendo Wii. the console is slated for a price cut at the end of the month, but only in North America and Japan.

According to a leaked memo found by Engadget, the console is is to be cut to $199.99 from $249.99. The memo has been circulating US retail outlet Best Buy and has the rather obvious title “WiiPrice Drop Coming”. A new ad will come out on 27 September and the price cut will take effect on Sunday.

An official announcement is due to take place this Friday to coincide with the Tokyo Game Show. The note also warned employees not to tell customers about the price drop, although if you are reading this then presumably it won’t matter to you and you can bait the staff for kicks about the drop.

A new bundle is slated for release in the UK that will contain the Wiimote Motion Plus, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. It will be the first time that either will be included in a Wii bundle.