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Sky in 3D but at the pictures

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sky_logoIf you were waiting to watch Ross Kemp in Afghanistan in 3D on Sky you may well have to pop down the cinema. The satellite broadcaster could be forced to put on the new technology at the flicks while we wait for our 3D tellies to become a reality.

According to an article in WotSat, Sky customer group director Brian Sullivan said that the company would be launching a ‘fundamentally different’ service in 2010. the hint was that this would be something to do with the movies.

“We will absolutely be launching a service in 2010 and that service will be fundamentally different from the services we offer today,” said Sullivan.

“We are building our capability and we will be showing our first end-to-end sporting events soon, but I would not be surprised if the service materialises first out of the home, because it’s also a question of consumers changing to the new 3D screens.”

Sky has said in the past that it hopes the new 3D service next year while trying to standardise the method of broadcasting. Rather than using coloured glasses (used by Channel 4 in its 3D broadcasts), the company looks set to use special glasses that blank out vision in alternate eyes, but these cost more.

Customers won’t be faced with replacing the box as well as the telly. Sullivan said that the HD box was over-specced to an unbelievable degree because we do not want to go through another box replacement cycle,” said Sullivan. “At some point HD is going to be the minimum acceptable standard and 3D’s going to be the cream on top of that.”