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New at college? There’s an iPhone app for that


UCLANStarting university can be a daunting prospect. But freshers going to the University of Central Lancashire in Preston may find their first few weeks a little easier thanks to an iPhone app.

The uni is offering an app to any student that blown their student loan on an iPhone that will help the kids get to grips with student life. The app is written by older students at the college.

The app will give freshers info on the important things in uni life, such as pubs, clubs and other forms of entertainment. The service will also let the university commmunicate with students to update them on less important things, such as learning and attending lectures.

For students sans the Apple device can get the same info on t’web.

“At the beginning of term you’re always being stopped by students asking for directions, now they’re going to have the information they need in their pocket,” said  Michael Ahern, Director of Learning at UCLan. “As they roam around the campus they can get information about lecture theatres, places to eat and libraries.  It’s a different track for reaching students.”

With any luck it will use the GPS to guide you to the nearest pub.