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Pure launches “Sensia” touchscreen DAB/WiFi radio

pure sensia
pure sensia

Back in the olden days people used to congragate around the radio (wireless as it was called then) and listen to the light programme. Trouble was the pictures weren’t that great. Pure has a new wireless radio with pictures that are a heck of a lot better.

Dubbed the “Sensia”, Pure reckons its new DAB/Wireless radio is a device “for the Facebook” generation. Which is supposed to mean that not only do you listen to the drivel on Radio 1, but presumably update your status on Facebook, or something like that.

It sports a large touchscreen with a Linux-based user interface. The display is a huge (for a radio) 5.7-inch 640 by 480 screen. But the display isn’t only so that you can set up and choose which of the highly-compressed DAB stations you want to hear. It also displays content from the interweb, such as weather, news, Picasa images, Facebook and Twitter. This is done with the Pure’s custom apps (we sense a web app store approaching).

In the works is a Spotify app, so this will be able to pipe any type of music you want. It can also stream music stored on yor home computer or NAS drive.

It also features a “Listen again” function to stream radio programmes on-demand. There are also “Pure Sounds” that can be played back as alarms or just to relax with.

The sound output is supposed to be better than most radios with Pure’s “Clearsound Technology”, which we presume will mean that it can take those dreadfully poor bitrated DAB stations and mean a sonic silk purse out of them.

Both iPods and other mp3 players can be plugged in to playback music and the thing can be controlled by a remote from up to 10m away.

At £249.99 the device isn’t cheap, but with this set of features it looks set to become the hub of the of home’s music needs.

Link: Sensia

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