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aXbo offers a wake up call

axbo sleep phase alarm clock
axbo sleep phase alarm clock

axbo_sleep_phase_alarm_clock.jpgOur mum always told us to keep out of trouble, so she’d be horrified if we ever got handed an ASBO. However, she’d probably be OK with us being given a much better wake up call in the form of the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock.

According to the folks behind the product, waking up at exactly the right moment can have a massive impact on your day, and more specifically how well-rested and refreshed you feel as a result.

With that in mind, the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock is designed to wake you individually at your optimal wake-up time.

Apparently, each night a person goes through a continuous cycle from deep sleep, to brief almost-awake moments, passing through three to five cycles lasting between 90 and 110 minutes each. If your alarm happens to wake you during a deep sleep, you’ll often feel groggy and tired, whereas if by chance it stirs you during a light sleep phase you wake up feeling refreshed.
aXbo works by tracking your body movements through a wirelessly connected wristband, and wakes you up at your optimal time each day in the last 30 minutes before your set waking time.

The aXbo also offers the possibility to wake two people independently of each other, analysis software for movement data, specially developed sounds to fall asleep and wake up to, as well as connection to your computer to help view your personalised sleep data.

It’s available now at a retail price of £179.