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PCM-M10 is a sounds saver

sony pcm m10 memory cards
sony pcm m10 memory cards

sony_pcm-m10_memory_cards.jpgSony has unveiled a new “low cost” portable audio recorder – expanding its family of digital field recorders for music recording with the PCM-M10. The palm-sized compact device offers the budget conscious musician “the perfect tool for composing or recording sessions and live performances”. It also works as a personal music player (natch). Although “budget” conscious here means around £275, so it’s still not for everyone.

However, Bill Drummond, European product manager for professional audio at Sony Professional, said the PCM-M10 builds on Sony’s excellent audio reputation for portable recording devices.

“It is ideal for professionals not only in the music industry, but also in the wider journalism and broadcast sectors where demand is strong for high-quality sound performance at an affordable price,” Drummond said.

“Podcasters will also love its new MP3 recording capability for ease of upload and distribution, and all users will appreciate it convenient pocket-sized design.”

Drummond said the PCM-M10 is designed to faithfully capture even the most subtle nuances of live performances and events.

It shares several features and design elements with the PCM-D1 and PCM-D50 – the other two recorders available in Sony’s professional portable audio line-up, including “the same rugged construction and cool design”.

The new recorder is 96kHz/24-bit capable with electret condenser stereo microphones, 4GB of internal flash memory and a microSD/Memory Stick Micro (M2™) Slot.

Key features include:
* Built-in speaker
* Cross-memory recording
* Digital pitch control
* Digital limiter
* Low-cut filter
* Track mark functions
* Five-second pre-recording buffer
* A-B repeat capability
* Uses conventional AA alkaline batteries.

The PCM-M10 also comes supplied with Sound Forge Audio Studio Recorder Edition software.

The new PCM-M10 includes a USB high-speed port. That allows for simple uploading/downloading of native .WAV or .MP3 format recorded files to and from Windows PC or Macintosh computers.