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Sub-£600 PCs battle it out

advent pqd 9002 pc world
advent pqd 9002 pc world

advent_pqd-9002_pc_world.jpg£599 will buy you an ixtreme experience with Packard Bell. While £579.99 will buy you what PC World claims is the highest specification PC available for that on-shelf price.

For that sub-£600 price tag, the Advent PQD-9002 offers quad-core high performance to create a “great all-round family PC with great gaming capability”.

The PQD-9002 comes with a choice of LG screens ranging in size from 18.5-inches to 22-inches, although obviously the bigger sizes start to pile the pounds on the price.

The PC has six USB ports (four shy of the Packard Bell ixtreme), 4BG memory and a 640GB hard drive.

Other specifications for the Advent PDQ-9002 include:
* AMD Phenom X4 9350 quad-core processor (2.0GHz, 1066MHz, 6MB Cache)
* Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
* 512MB ATI Radeon HD4350 graphics card
* VD Rewriter

The Advent PQD-9002 is available exclusively at PC World stores and online at the company’s website.