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Squeeze more juice from your Apples

quickertek iphone battery
quickertek iphone battery

quickertek_iphone_battery.jpgApple’s locked-in internal batteries mean you can’t swap them out for a new one once they’re flat. But you could whack in the Apple Juicz External Battery from QuickerTek, giving you up to three times the battery life.

The product works for the first, second and 3G iPhones, iPod and iTouch, adding 30 extra hours of music, six extra hours of video and three extra hours of talk time on the iPhone.

The  high capacity 2200mAh Polymerized Lithium-ion battery features an LED status indicator and simply attaches to the iPhone/iPod device.

Once the battery has done its job, it can be recharged in three hours using the USB cable that comes with Apple’s devices.

“This new battery extends the mobile experience of Apple portables from the G3 iPhone to the iPod,” said Rick Estes of QuickerTek. “Our testers loved the extra hours.”

From a gadget girl point of view, it might help with the battery life, but it’s not an attractive addition to Apple’s stylised products. One to hide in the handbag!