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Nokia maps out number 1 spot

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nokia_logo.jpgNokia is the number 1 choice for mobile navigation in Europe and Russia. Don’t take our word for it, it’s those analyst folk at Frost & Sullivan who claim Nokia holds top spot for mobile navigation over other leading handset manufacturers.

Altogether 3,119 interviews were conducted for this survey in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Benelux, in addition to 600 interviews conducted in Russia.

Sixty-two per cent of those who don’t own a navigation system in Europe (a TomTom, Navman, etc) and 77 per cent in Russia consider Nokia as the leading brand for delivering mobile navigation.

Additionally, more than 72 per cent of the current users of a navigation system in Europe and 81 per cent in Russia vote Nokia as the best brand for delivering mobile navigation.

Nokia said the key objectives of the study were to analyse consumers’ awareness of, and level of satisfaction with different types of navigation systems (e.g. PND, mobile phones), the different features available (e.g. navigation, 3D imagery, voice guidance, touch screen), location-based services (e.g. car and pedestrian navigation, traffic information, social networking) and other telematics features.

The study also aimed at evaluating consumers’ perceptions and willingness to pay for different types of navigation systems.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the market for GPS-enabled devices is a fast growing area in Europe, with more than 30 million devices shipped in 2008 and close to 80 million devices expected to be shipped by 2010.

In Russia in 2008, the market for navigation-enabled mobile devices grew to over 300,000 units, representing a share of more than 60 per cent of the overall navigation market in Russia.

N Praveen Chandrasekar, program manager for telematics and infotainment at Frost & Sullivan, said that Nokia had clearly excelled in identifying growth opportunities in a maturing mobile handset market by integrating GPS in a large number of its handsets, making them navigation-ready.

“With a target of enabling a majority of its new devices with the GPS feature by 2010, coupled with the acquisition of mapping and software companies like Navteq and gate5, the company is clearly building a strong presence in the mobile navigation markets in Europe and elsewhere,” Chandrasekar said.

As well as the Navteq acquisition, Nokia also recently launched Ovi Maps for mobile and web and the latest version can be downloaded at www.nokia.com/maps.