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BBC goes retro computing in new film

zxspectrum 48k
zxspectrum 48k

zxspectrum_48k.jpgIf you was a child of the eighties then you would have either bought a
Commodore 64, Sinclair Spectrum or if you were really posh a BBC
Microcomputer. Get set to relive those day as the BBC is filming a new
comedy based on the 80s home computing heyday.

Called "Syntax Era" the film charts the rivalry between Sire Clive
Sinclair (played by Alexander Armstrong) and his former colleague Chris
Curry (played by Martin Freeman).

The film, to be shown on BBC Four is said to be "an affectionately
comic account of the Eighties race for home computer supremacy".

"Those of us that lived through the Eighties will remember the sense of
excitement when gadgets and technology started to appear in our homes,
but not many of us will know the fascinating stories behind their
arrival", said Richard Klein, controller of BBC Four.

There will also be classic clips from programmes includeing John Craven’s Newsround.

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