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3D cinema game puts audience in control

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skyjacker 01

again, we are living in the future. If you go to certain showings of 3D
movies in certain cinemas this summer, you’ll be confronted with a
short film that you participate in.

Asteroid Storm is an excessively elaborate advert for O2, and will be shown in the trailer reels for the 3D versions of Ice Age 3 and G-Force this summer, starting from July 10. It’ll reappear in the autumn, when Up and the 3D version of the original Toy Story hit screens.

game/film/advert/whatever takes place on ‘Starship O2′ which is trapped
in an asteroid belt. The captain tells the audience that the ship has
been damaged and that their help is needed to steer it. This is done by
different sides of the theatre putting their hands in the air, allowing
the, by this point, over-excited children to navigate out of a 3D
asteroid field.

The game’s powered by technology from
iO, with the creative work done by VCCP and Agency Republic. The
campaign will include some games in the cinema foyer, too, using
interactive floor projections.

If you fancy a go, then get to a showing of those films at one of the following Vue cinemas:

Vue Leicester Square
Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway
Vue Edinburgh Waterside
Vue Finchley Road, London
Vue Kirkstall Road, Leeds
Vue West End
AMC Manchester
AMC Birmingham
Truro Plaza