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Google launches anti-malware site

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google logo 450

google_logo_450.jpgGoogle has launched an anti-malware site to assist its advertisers in spotting potential providers of malicious advertisements. In total, 45857 unique malicious, advertising and potentially unwanted programs were detected on users’ computers in March 09 alone, according to Kaspersky Security Network.

“The launch of the new site by Google is not before time, however, as we originally identified the problem way back in our Q1 2007 Web Trends Security Report,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, chief technology officer at secure web gateway provider Finjan.

Anti-Malvertising.com is a custom search engine designed to help ad network customers conduct quick background checks.

It researches a variety of independent, third-party sites that track possible attempts to distribute malware through advertising.

“With the automation of crimeware, the rise in all malicious code will increase exponentially and endanger both an advertiser’s brand as well as their customer’s PCs,” said Ben-Itzhak.

He added that advertisers will have to be vigilant to ensure that their ads are malware free both in the creation of the advertisements as well as the delivery.