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Safari so-goody for version 4

safari 4 beta cover flow
safari 4 beta cover flow

safari_4_beta_cover_flow.jpgMore than 11 million copies of Safari 4 have been downloaded in the first three days of its release, including more than six million downloads of Safari for Windows.

Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, dubbed it "an incredible success".

“Safari users love the incredible speed and innovative features like Top Sites, Full History Search and Cover Flow,” he added.

According to Apple, Safari 4 is the "world’s fastest browser" and is built on the world’s "most advanced browser technologies",  including the new Nitro JavaScript engine that executes JavaScript nearly eight times faster than Internet Explorer 8 and more than four times faster than Firefox 3.

"Safari quickly loads HTML web pages more than three times faster than IE 8 and three times faster than Firefox 3," the official press release said, although obviously performance is based on a few factors: "Performance will vary based on system configuration, network connection and other factors. All testing conducted on an iMac 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo system running Windows Vista, with 2GB of RAM. JavaScript benchmark based on the SunSpider JavaScript Performance test. HTML benchmark based on VeriTest’s iBench Version 5.0 using default settings."

Safari 4 includes HTML 5 support for offline technologies and support for advanced CSS Effects, enabling web applications to use rich media, graphics and fonts.

Safari 4 is also the first browser to pass the Web Standards Project’s Acid3 test, which examines how well a browser adheres to CSS, JavaScript, XML and SVG standards that are specifically designed for dynamic web applications.