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vufone links your social networks

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vufone 2

VufoneTomorrow’s World. We could ponce about while nothing worked, all the while talking about things that will never come to pass. Look, in 2015 you’ll be able to deal with all your social networking gubbins in one place on your mobile phone. Hang on, vufone reckons you can do that now…

Apparently, vufone allows users to share, manage and unify all the social content between mobile devices and the internet using one simple interface.

Content such as videos, photos and other multimedia can even be automatically synchronised with websites like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Gmail and more all from the handset.

YouTube and Twitter access will be added soon thanks to an update, the company says, although there’s no mention of Bebo or Myspace.
Our fave bit though: a feature that lets you remotely delete all the information on your phone should you be unlucky enough to lose it!

“For most mobile phone users, their handset isn’t just a phone – it’s a camera, a social networking tool, a personal organiser and a source of entertainment – it’s the centre for a lot of life’s activities,” said Rafi Ton, CEO of vufone.
“Vufone is an automatic sharing companion that makes sure personal mobile content gets to where users want it to be, every time.”

Users can share their mobile pictures, videos and calendar appointments with friends and contacts through the mobile or web interface.

Text messages can also be viewed, stored and sent via vufone, unifying mobile and web functions under one identity.

There is a catch though, with the service subscription currently costing £9.99 per year (although that’s only £0.83 a month or £0.19 a week for anyone without a calculator to hand).