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AOL homepage gets social

aol new homepage
aol new homepage

AOL UK homepageAOL UK has launched a beta version of its new homepage that will let consumers access multiple e-mail accounts and social networking services from a single online destination. Today’s beta launch in the UK includes the same tools added to the AOL site in the US back in September.

AOL UK users can now:
* Check online email, including accounts with Google Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail
* Instant message with friends using AIM
* Post status updates to multiple social networks, and access profile activity information, including new friend requests and mail notifications, from services such as AIM, Bebo, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter – with access to other third-party sites promised in the future. 
“The reinvented homepage offers a convenient, one-stop destination where users can access everything they love on the Web within just a few clicks,” said Dana Dunne, AOL’s European chief executive.

Other new homepage features include:
* Customised backgrounds with six new designs to choose from
* Ability to add links to the page
* Drag and drop function to reorder channel navigation
* Ability to add RSS feeds and categories to the page

The site is expected to complete its beta phase and fully launch this summer.


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