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Comment: Mobile computing needs to get Workwise

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Workwise logoTomorrow marks the beginning of Work Wise Week 2009 – an initiative to promote smarter practices such as flexible, remote and home working.  According to Roger Hockaday, director of marketing at Aruba Networks, it’s an opportunity for UK organisations to evaluate and improve their current policies to accommodate today’s changing employee requirements…

Work Wise Week is a fantastic way to raise awareness of the need for secure, flexible working capabilities in every organisation. With recent changes to flexible working legislation, fresh memories of this year’s snow day and the ever-increasing threat of a global swine flu pandemic, the issue of remote working is well and truly under the microscope – and organisations would do well to adapt their existing policies accordingly.

However, this workplace revolution will not happen overnight, particularly because many businesses are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to providing staff with remote access. The concept of flexible working still conjures up sorely outdated perceptions of complexity, poor security and stacks of expensive hardware – when, in fact, facilitating smarter remote-working practices couldn’t be simpler or more cost-effective, provided a proper strategy is in place.

Rather than concentrating on a single ‘work from home’ or ‘remote office’ day each year, the focus should now be on how to establish long-term measures to cope with the sudden and unexpected inability to travel into the office at any given time. By investing in appropriate equipment to ensure the seamless delivery of enterprise voice, video and data applications on the go, IT managers can move beyond reliance on just a laptop and internet connection and ensure maximum productivity from the 21st Century home and remote workers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”