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Blackberry goes pay-as-you-go-all-year

blackberry pink pearl 3
blackberry pink pearl 3

Blackberry PearlWith all the unlimited tariffs out there these days, RIM and T-Mobile have come up with an interesting twist for the Blackberry Pearl 8110. For a one-off payment of £179.99 T-Mobile is offering a year’s worth of unlimited email and internet.

No, you heard that right, unlimited email and internet. The offer available in T-Mobile stores from 1 May means you’ll need additional pay-as-you-go top-ups for calls, texts and MMS.

 “The ‘Pay once’ concept is a market first, giving people the chance to experience the hugely popular BlackBerry email service and access to internet sites and social networks on the move for a year – all for just a single payment of £179.99,” says T-Mobile and RIM’s press statement.

T-Mobile is no doubt hoping the research about consumers not caring about social networking on mobile phones is wrong!

At the UK launch of the new tariff, a T-Mobile spokesman said the Pearl was a great choice for this package. “It looks just like a phone and is instantly recognisable but comes with a terrific amount of options,” he said.

The handset should definitely tempt in media and music fans, as it syncs with Windows Media Player on the PC or iTunes on the Mac and PC. There’s also a memory card included in the box.

As a reminder, the T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8110 smartphone features:
* Silver finish
* 2-megapixel camera for photos and video
* In-built GPS
* 3.5mm earphone jack for listening to music on the move
* Pre-loaded quick-links to sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Flickr
* A user-friendly SureType QWERTY key pad.