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Wii price likely to rise

wii hand
wii hand

A less expensive Nintendo Wii yesterdayThe economy, eh?  We’re all reduced to eating baked beans cold from the tin (ink-blot mask optional), and now it looks like the Wii’s price is set to rise.

A Nintendo UK spokesman talked to MCV, and revealed that the company is planning to increase the trade price of the console for UK retailers by around £16.50.

While this doesn’t automatically mean that the current £179.99 price will rise, retailers will have to choose whether to pass on the price hike to their customers. 

The extra £19 (with VAT) fee means that retailers will be making almost no money on each machine sold, so many are likely to consider charging extra.

“Due to the severe and continuing depreciation of the pound, we are, unfortunately, having to raise our trade price to UK retailers of Wii hardware,” is Nintendo’s official line.