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Find the body parts, win a trip to Africa

fake bloody hand
fake bloody hand

Fake bloody handOh lordy.  Capcom has got all over-excited about the launch of Resident Evil 5 and has announced a treasure hunt that might as well be called “Super Fantastic Sure To Nark Off The Daily Mail Compo”.

Capcom’s website is rather coy, announcing that “we will be hiding a selection of…objects…in a central London location. You simply have to find these and bring them to us at another central London location. The objects mean points, and points mean prizes, including the holiday of a lifetime for two people to Africa.”

And since this is Resident Evil, it’s become clear that you’re huntin’ body bits.  Blog Capcom Unity elaborates: the horrific relics will be scattered around the Trafalgar Square area, and should be taken to Westminster Bridge.

“Alert us to your presence by standing on the bridge, holding the artificial body parts over your head and shouting "Kijuju!" We will be there, watching you, and will approach when you make yourselves known.

“Points allocated for each body part – 2 points for arms, 2 points for legs, 3 points for torsos, 5 points for a head. The more body parts you find and bring to us, the more points you get. The player(s) with the most points by 11am win the trip to Africa.”

Or, get arrested and generally set about by startled policemen.

Amusingly, no-one seems to be aware of where in Africa you get to go.  It’s a big place, guys, some specifics would be helpful…

Anyway, if you fancy your chances, head into London for a 9am start tomorrow.  We’ll let Unity have the last word:

“And don’t wear your best clothes – it’s going to be messy.”