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Zelda II in Latin

zelda ii expeditio linci 1
zelda ii expeditio linci 1

vidi, rupee." That’s "I came, I saw, I got the
treasure" in Latin. (Note: not really.) But anyway, if you
ever felt the need to play the NES game Zelda II: The Adventure of
in Caesar’s language of choice, now you can.

scholarly hacker who goes by the name of "tempestas_caput"
has translated the entire game into Latin (giving it the title of
Zelda II: Expeditio Linci) and released a patch for the ROM
(available via this handy link on Offworld) so you too can experience
the NES as Mark Anthony must have.

is now planning translations of the original Legend of Zelda
as well as the rather more dialogue-heavy Final Fantasy III.
We’d offer messages of congratulation and support in Latin,
but, um, we don’t know how.