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O2 finally offers free laptop deal

samsung nc10
samsung nc10

Way after everyone else has dished out free laptops and netbooks to mobile broadband subscribers, O2 has managed to join the frey.

Punters can get their hands on a Samsung NC10 netbook which sports 1GB of memory, a 160GB hard disk drive. This normally costs £300. If you spend an extra £79.29, you can get your mitts on the R510, which has more memory, a dual core Intel processor and a bigger hard disk drive.

The laptops were chosen on the basis of O” marketing staff looking at the dictionary under the letter “S”; style, substance, staying power, service and security. Apparently it is the letter of the week at the pre-school.

The mobile operator will be offering subscribers a number of contracts. The entry level deal will set you back £29.38 per month and comes with with a 3GB download limit but also unlimited wireless access. For an extra ten pounds you can up the limit to 10GB. Customers can also bundle in ADSL broadband for £5 with unlimited downloads, 100 free texts, a wireless router and a free security package.

O2’s CEO Ronan Dunne commented “We all want to be better connected at all times and the substantial and continued growth in the laptop market is symptomatic of this desire. Laptops are rapidly eroding the desktop PC market and at the same time, the emergence of the mini-laptop has opened up a whole new market for ultra-portable devices – one that is expected to more than double in size in 2009 alone.”

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