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Dell launches XPS One 24 Product (Red) PC for charidy

xps one
xps one

may well have woken up this morning and thought to yourself I want a
desktop computer but I also was to help fight AIDS in Africa. Well your
prayers have been answered as Dell is to sell its XPS One 24 all in one
desktop under the Product (Red) banner.

The somewhat desirable
£1399 desktop sports a 24-inch HD capable display as well as an Intel
E7200 processor, 2GB of memory, an Nvidia Geforce 9600GT
graphics card with a Slot DVD rewriter, 320GB hard drive, an
analogue/digital TV
Tuner plus remote. The machine runs Windows Vista Home Premium.

this is more money than most PCs, the desktop rival any Apple computer
with is JBL-integrated and built-in subwoofer. It boasts wi-fi as well
as Bluetooth and Firewire ports. The
wireless keyboard comes with a touchpad if you don’t want to use the
wireless mouse.

While this is highly desirable, we’sd love it if it came witha a touchscreen and Windows 7 instead. We’ll be waiting.

Link: Dell

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