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Top 10 Blackberry Storm apps

blackberry storm sidebyside
blackberry storm sidebyside

blackberry_storm_sidebyside.jpgWith the Storm out, this little Vodafone-inspired iPhone killer is itself inspired by the Apple smartphone’s App Store. And while the official Application Centre is still a couple of months away we thought that Absolute Gadget would bring you the top 10 best apps available for the RIM smartphone on one page.


If you obsessed by the weather (Mrs. Gadget is) then you must have this installed on your Storm. This unique mobile weather app displays an icon that updates itself according to where you are. If it is partially cloudy, the icon changes to display a sun with a cloud over it. (of course you could just look outside but that would be spoiiling things.) The Storm version uses the touchscreen to navigate the app and the tilt mechanism is used to display in portrait and landscape mode. The app is available for free to download.


The handy app brings together a variety of information sources into one handy little app. It’s all done with RSS feeds, doncha know. Anyway, with this app you can find out a wealth of news, weather, entertainment news, travel, markets and interesting things where you are. The app is available from the GetViigo website.

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If you have a Flickr account (everyone has or should) then this app will be just great for you. With the app installed and running, you can locate the device or storage card and tap on the upload command. Not only that you can give photos custom names and choose a privacy setting (because you may not want everyone to know what you got up to on Friday night). Again, the accelerometer is used to flip between landscape and portrait mode. The app is on RIM’s Application Center.


While the iPhone manages somehow to deactivate the touchscreen when you are on a call, the Storm doesn’t. Which means that you can put someone on hold just by pressing your mush against the display. TalkLock stops this problem (in fact it should be part of the firmware really). When you call is connected, it locks the screen. Running your finger over the screen unlocks it again. You can download it from the  TalkLock website.

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WorldMate Live

If you spend so much time in the air you tel people your address is British Airways, then this app is for you. It has just about everything the frequent flyer could want. It sports a “My Itineraries” function, which contains information on flights, hotels, meetings, public transport and car rentals. The app also can export travel info from booking confirmation emails and calendars directly into the app. Then it automatically assembles an itinerary. It also features hotel reviews from other WorldMate Live users. You can book a hotel directly from the application. There is also a handy clocks feature that tells you time where you are and four other cities. Not only that  it converts major currencies. Website link: Worldmate Live.

Storm Level Pro

When touchscreen smartphone would be complete without a spirit level. The iPhone has one and so must the Storm. Storm Level Pro uses the built-in accelerometer to find a level. We think a normal spirit level would be possibly quicker and cheaper but it will impress your mates down the pub. And unlike the iPhone version, this one can be calibrated for maximum accuracy. Link: Mobigloo.

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Opera Browser

OK there is a browser already on the Storm, but unlike the iPhone you can install another one if you don’t like the integrated one. And phone internet browsers don’t really come any better than the Mini Browser from Opera. That said, the browser is nnot Storm specific so doesn’t take advantages of all the Storm’s functionality. However it will work with the accelerometer, so web pages can be displayed how you like. You download Opera Mini from this webiste.


Touchscreen smartphones are all the rage as is Twitter for some bizarre reason. So why not combine the two. Twitterberry can be used on the Storm and most other Blackberrys as well.It uses the tilt mechanism to show landscape or portrait tweeting. It also uses the Storm’s LED to flash when new messages come in. You can download it for free at Orangatame.

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Tiltris Tilting Boxy Game

To prove that the Storm can be a handheld games console like the iPhone (and yes the iPod Touch), this Tetris clone should help you while away the hours while waiting for hte connecting flight. It uses the accelerometer to move the boxes as the fall down the screen. Then click on the screen to drop the block to the bottom. You can download Tiltris here.


We are surprised that a Facebbok app isn’t pre-installed on the Storm. Never mind because you can get it from the Application Centre for free. And it really makes use of the phone’s touchscreen abilities.