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CES 2009: Black Box keeps your secrets

personal pocket safe held
personal pocket safe held

Personal Pocket Safe USB drive from Black Box InnovationsData loss and identity theft are on the rise, but sometimes you simply have to store that sensitive information. Black Box may have an answer…


We’ve already seen the USB drive with a fingerprint scanner, now Black Box Innovations has created one that can be locked using a three to 10 digit pin code – the Personal Pocket Safe.

“Proprietary organisational software” embedded in the device means nothing is uploaded to the PC, so no trace is left.




Information on the Personal Pocket Safe is encrypted to 256-bit AES levels, which product managers like to remind you is military standard.

And even if a tech-savvy thief tried to circumvent the security by removing the chip and placing it in another device, an epoxy coating stops the information being transferred.

The Personal Pocket Safe currently sells for $59.95 in the US, but the company has plans to introduce it to Europe later in 2009.


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