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Nintendo shifts nearly two million Wii consoles in a week

wii small
wii small

Microsoft seem pretty smug when it comes to how many Xbox 360 units it
is selling compared to the differently successful PS3. But Nintendo is
whacking both of their respective backsides managing to sell over twice
its competitors units.

According to numbers from VG Chartz, the
Wii sold 1.7 consoles worldwide, over a million in the US alone in the
last week. During the same period, 535,806 Xbox 360s sold in the US,
while 239,576 PlayStation 3 consoles shifted. The Nintendo DS beat the
pants off the Sony PSP, selling 935,000 units to the Sony PSP’s 298,000.

Despite the credit crunch, Nintendo could sell over three million units
in December alone. While the PS3 has struggled against the Xbox, which
saw a price cut in December.

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