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Create a Blackberry app and win 50,000 Euro

blackberry storm sidebyside
blackberry storm sidebyside

blackberry_storm_sidebyside.jpgWhile lots of clever people are falling over themselves to put Apps on
the Apple iPhone maybe the same is not quite the case for the
Blackberry Storm. So Vodafone has launched a competition to develop Apps
for the stumbling smartphone platform.

The lucky winner will bag €50,000 if they are judged best in their
efforts to come up with a stonking program. Second prize is €15,000 and
€5,000 for third place.

Vodefone said it was looking for pioneering, smart and new software for
the touchscreen RIM smartphone. The best three apps will then appear to
downlod from the BlackBerry Application Center.

The competition ends on 30 April.

Link: Blackberry Vodafone competition