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Playstation Home gets patched up

ps3 home room
ps3 home room

ps3_home_room.jpgThose of you who have tried and failed to get online and into
Playstation Home will know that there is a very real problem. Luckily
it seems that Sony is aware of the problem and a patch is in the works.

Writing on an official forum,
the Home Community Manager "TedTheDog", said that the console company
will be "patching Home this Thursday and part of this change will be
the first
step in tackling the connection issues that you’ll know as C-931

He also said that the C-931 error is "related to very high levels of
traffic" and should you continue to keep attempting entry then you will
eventually get in.

As reported in Absolute Gadget, the non-game has been dogged with
various problems and has shown to be hacked to show a user’s own
posters instead of the officially sanctioned one.

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