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Review: Daewoo DPC-7209PD portable DVD player

daewoo dpc 7209pd portable dvd
daewoo dpc 7209pd portable dvd

Daewoo DPC-7209PD portable DVD playerWith its simple good looks and its very watchable screen, Daewoo has created an excellent mid-range player, capturing the space between the basic-but-cheap Hannsg and the fully-featured LG model.

The £85.99 price tag means the controls on the DPC-7209PD include old school dial-wheels to handle volume and brightness, but at sub-£100 it’s the screen that impresses the most.

Watching action sequences in The Incredible Hulk is, ahem, smashing as they retain their sense of grandeur even on such a small device.

That’s carried over with the sound, too, with the Daewoo kicking out some awesome audio.

And the option to play files from a USB stick or an SD card makes this a great player to own if you’re into downloads.

Throw in a relatively quiet running noise and a compact form factor that’s extremely light and portable and this is an excellent choice if the £199 LG is out of your price range.


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Dimensions: 215mm x 150mm x 38mm
Weight: 0.853Kg
Battery Life: 2 hours 30 mins
Reads: DVD; CD; CD-R; CD-RW; DVD+/-RW; JPEG; MP3; DivX
Available Connections: AV Out; Headphones; E-Port
External Media: SD Card; USB


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