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Carphone Warehouse flogs Motorola phone for under a fiver

motorola w180
motorola w180

Credit crunch alert! It’s going to be bleak Chrimbo for many this year without a job. So what better way to lift the spirits by drinking ten pints of strong cider, err, buying a new Motorola W180 for the paltry sum of £2.88, that’s less than a pint of strong cider!

The phone is available from Carphone Warehouse (the same shop that punted the Samsung B130 for £4.95).
And while arguably better looking than the B130, it is a Motorola and
therefore not to everyone’s tastes. But for that money, you could lose
it and just waltz into the phone shop for another.

And while you can’t expect the phone to feature a camera, web access, a
touchscreen interface, video playback or email syncing, it does have an
FM radio, polyphonic ringtones and, err, that’s your lot.

Also, while the phone is £2.88 there is the small matter of shelling
out £10 for airtime courtest of Orange. Not bad if all you want to do
is make calls and send texts.

Link: £2.88 Motorola W180 mobile phone