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Sony adds more video content to PSP Go!View

sony sky go!view
sony sky go!view

sony_sky_go!view.jpgIf you are dreading the dross that’s served up as Christmas telly this
year then you will be please to know that Sony has added tons of hours
of proper television and movies to its on-demand PSP Go!View service.

Among the new programmes added is the re-imagined version of Battlestar
Galactica to the A-Team. There are plenty of cult hits including Lost
and Heroes to the likes of Quantum Leap, Miami Vice and Knight Rider.

Sony have also lined up comedy classics such as I’m Alan Partridge and Red Dwarf.

Each subscription pack (entertainment, comedy or sport) will set you
back a fiver a month. Or you can get two packs for £8 or all three for
a tenner.

Movies will cost £2.50 a pop while TV shows not part of the Entertainment pack will cost £1.50.

Alternatively you can trial it free for the next 30 days.

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