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Sony forced to deny PS3 price cut yet again

ps3 small
ps3 small

ps3_small.jpgSome people in the media really want to get their hands on a PS3 (after
all it does throw in a free Blu-ray player doncha know) but don’t like
the price tag. And these people are going to some lengths to hint at
Sony that it should do something about it. But Sony ain’t budging and
despite some websites cutting the price of the console, the mothership
still won’t make a cross-the-board cut.

Many media outlets have reported that Sony Europe’s online store Sony Style
(a somewhat semi-autonomous outfit), is selling 40GB model for £249.99,
including VAT, which £40 less than its RRP. For an extra ten pounds you
can get an 80GB version (well worth those extra thousand pennies).

But Sony was forced to go on the record to say that the retailers are
independent and can do pretty much what they want with prices.

"SonyStyle and Sony Centres are franchises. We deal them as we do any
other retailer and they have their own freedom to create offers and
promotions, just as other players in the market can do," a spokesperson told Eurogamer.net.

Well, Sony better do something about the price soon as Microsoft
appears to be outselling the PS3 with its rival Xbox 360. As for the
Wii, Nintendo is doing very well.

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