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Apple goes for big discounts on Black Friday

apple black friday
apple black friday

It would seem that if you want to buy some Apple products, Friday is
definitely a very good day as it looks like there are going to be some
massive discounts.

According to Kaufman Brothers’ analyst Shawn Wu, the Cupertino company
is looking to be making some big price cuts on the day after
Thanksgiving in the US.

"Historically over the last couple years, Apple has offered discounts
between 5 per cent-10 per cent," he wrote in a research note. "We think
there may be discounts of up to 15 per cent this year on Macs, iPods and
accessories. It is not clear to us if iPhone will see a discount as

He said that the reason behind this was to draw more people into the
store and "the high likelihood that these customers will purchase
high-margin accessories including cables, cases and speakers."

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