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Onkyo launches DV-BD606 Blu-ray player

onkyo bd606 blu ray player
onkyo bd606 blu ray player

Never say Never: nearly a Bond movie title but also what Onkyo
presumably said when it was an ardent supporter of the now defunct
HD-DVD high-definition movie format. The company has just launched its
first Blu-ray player.

The company has unveiled its new DV-BD606 with which its claims will
"squeeze every last ounce of benefit out of the new Blu-ray disk
format". That being the ability to play the bonus stuff in
picture-in-picture mode, if that tickles your fancy.

It does the full 1080p lark and has a refresh rate of 24fps (if your telly can handle that).

As the player also supports HDMI 1.3a it can also play suitable discs
in "Deep Color" mode. And also it supports Profile 1.1 (for the
picture-in-picture mode) but oddly not Profile 2.0.

Souhd-wise, it sports lossless DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD sound.

It will also scale up bog-standard DVDs into super-glorious high
defintion just magic and fairy dust. Oh yeah, it can also play disc
encoded with DivX, MP3 and JPEG files.

It will set you back £399, for that price you really should just go out
and get a PS3, you then get a free games console to boot (and not too
shabby at that).

More information at Onkyo’s website.