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PS3 Trophies to be compulsory

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ps3_small.jpgSony’s Achievement-style Trophies system looks set to become compulsory in January next year.

According to reports by games industry mag Videogamer.com, the company is making the system mandatory to the extent that any games developer looking to get their game approved for playing on the PS3 will have to implement Trophies.

“Trophies will be mandatory for titles submitted after January 1, 2009,” said a Sony spokesman to Gamespot. “Of course, many teams have already started to incorporate trophies and have added support for older titles.”

A large number of titles already support Trophies. These include; Dead Space, BioShock, Call of Duty: World at War and LittleBigPlane. Other’s have released patches in order that gamers can gain these virtual prizes.

The feature was added when Sony release the PS3 2.4 software update in July. This was widely seen as the console’s answer to the mucch-lauded Xbox 360 Achievement system.

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