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Top 10 Wii tips and tricks

wii small
wii small

wii_small.jpgCompleting the holy trinity of tips and trick for the next generation game consoles (see tips and tricks for PS3 and tips and tricks for Xbox 360) is our guide to getting even more out of the little console that could, the Nintendo Wii.

Tip no.1 – Get that cool blue hue on your Wii CD drive

you get a message from your friends on your Wii a blue light will
appear. If you want that light effect all the time then you can do this
by sending a message to your personal email address (you can go to the
email symbol and send an email there). Wait for the email to arrive on
your computer’s inbox (this could take an hour) and then reply to it.

This should then appear as an email on your Wii. But don’t answer it because if it’s unread, your Wii will keep on glowing.

Tip no.2 – Find out how much battery is left on you Wiimote

annoying thing about wireless games controllers is they need batteries.
And it isn’t obvious when the thing is about to run out. The way to
find out how much power is left is to press a button when the Wiimote
if off and it will flash up ho much power you have left in the Wiimote.
The more flashes the battery power.

{mospagebreak}Tip no.3 – Save you Virtual Console games on a memory card

tip. If you have purchased a VC game you don’t have to save it to the
Wii’s internal memory. Going to the Channel section of the menu choose
the option to save the game to an SD card.

Tip no.4 – Fix a Wiimote with a bad attitude

the Wiimote won’t play nicely with the console. I.e. it won’t sync. So
if that happens it’s best to go back the beginning and start all over
again. This means making the Wii forget all about its Wiimote pairings.

do this, turn the Wii off completely for a minute (complete power down)
and switch off at the plug. Then power up and wait for the health and
safety warning. Open theWii’s front flap (oo -er missus) and press and 
hold the red Sync button for 15 seconds. This forces the Wii to delete
its pairings and you can start all over again.

{mospagebreak}Tip no. 5 – Find a really hard jigsaw puzzle on the Wii

the Photo Channel there is a mini-game, a jigsaw puzzle. But if you
find the puzzles too easy there is a hardcore mode. Simply place the
cursor on the photo you want to play with and hold down the "1" button
while selecting the option. This will turn the photo into a 194-piece
puzzle. The winter months will fly by.

Tip no.6 – Get your Wii to play mp3 files (again!)

like many of us, decided to update the Wii Photo Channel you may have
noticed that playing mp3 music files became impossible (you could only
playAAC files instead).

But the way around this is simply to
roll back the update. Go to the Wii Settings and choose Data
Management. choose the Channels tab and select delete the Photo
channel. This forces the channel to go back to the old version 1.0,
which supports mp3s.

{mospagebreak}Tip no.7 – Use your Wiimote on your PC

people realise that part of the way a Wiimote works is via Bluetooth
technology. So this means there is a way of using the gamepad with your
PC or laptop.

An application called GlovePIE will allow you to use the Wiimote to act as a remote control for your laptop. Handy when you want to watch a movie.

Tip no.8 – Attack Mario with a fireball

you are waiting to download that snazzy new Virtual Console release or
update to your console, you can while away the time by shooting him
with a fireball. Simply aim and press the A button and fireballs will
rain down upon the Italian plumber.

{mospagebreak}Tip no.9 – Get your family and friends as games spectators

you are playing Wii Tennis or other games, the spectators look a bit
ordinary. So why don’t you jazz things up a bit with Miis that look
like your friends and family. This requires you to go to theMii Plaza
and set about creating Miis based on people you know. While this will
take a lot of time if you have a lot of friends, it will certainly
impress the heck out of them next time they come over for a Wii session
and find themselves face-to-face with their Miis.

Tip no. 10 – Impress your friends Wii Bowling with this Easter Egg

but not least, there is an Easter egg in Wii Sports. In Wii Bowling on
the last lane is it possible to get a Strike without hitting a single

This YouTube video shows you how….