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Nintendo declares war on used games

wii speak
wii speak

wii_speak.jpgOne thing that game publishers really hate are used game sales. They
don’t make any money from them so why should anyone get the fun out of
it. It’s no surprise that one company has found a way of making second
hand games harder to play. Step forward Nintendo.

According to reports from Ars Technica,
the Japanese game console company has blocked the resale of the Wii
Speak microphone by cleverly adding the requirement to use a 16-digit
code to download the Wii Speak channel from Nintendo.

Should you lose this code, Nintendo will not replace it (according to
the small print). Without it there is no way to download the channel,
which makes the hardware a wee bit useless. And of course, buying the
hardware second-hand will not be able to use the same code.

New codes will not be available to purchase via the Wii Shopping Channel either.

The website said Nintendo could be one of the first companies to fight the second-hand market with hardware.

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