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Full-length films on YouTube

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youtube-logo.jpgThe key
difference here being that they’re not uploaded from dodgy DVD
copies then taken down again 10 minutes later. The internet video
giant has teamed up with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to officially release a
selection of the company’s back catalogue.

The result
will be a video-on-demand channel called Impact that will feature
action films and TV shows, as well as clips from some of MGM’s
other movies.

The films
will be free to download, but include adverts. MGM is planning to
try and maximise the revenue of their older and more obscure titles
with Impact – the films on show include Bulletproof Monk
(deeply stupid but quite entertaining martial arts frippery with Chow
Yun-Fat and Stifler out of American Pie beating up Nazis) and Lone
Wolfe McQuade (no idea), as well as the mighty works of everyone’s
favourite internet in-joke, Chuck Norris. The better-known movies –
The Magnificent Seven, Legally Blonde, Rocky, Ronin – will only
feature as clips. Also, any licenses that are making plenty of money
as it is (read: that Bond fellow) will be conspicuous by their

safe to say you won’t see those blockbuster theatricals shortly after
their release or after their TV window," said Jim Packer,
co-president of MGM Worldwide Television. "There are plenty of
other films we would like to expose."

Impact is
currently only confirmed for the U.S., but will likely go worldwide
soon after. MGM are planning a number of other similar themed
channels within the next 18 months.