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A touchscreen PAYG mobile for people who can’t afford an iPhone

asus o2 xda zest smart phone
asus o2 xda zest smart phone

With the messianic Jesusphone you get get a lot of kudos from your
buddies but it does cost a pretty penny. O2, the guys that punt the
iPhone in the UK have bought out a touchscreen smartphone that’s a
hundred quid cheap than the iPhone.

The new XDA Zest phone has , as usual, Windows Mobile running on it.
But don’t let that put you off. The manufacturers Asus have reskinned
the interface making it a lot more usable than the effort from the guys
at Redmond.

The phone will be available from 17 November on pay-as-you-go and unlike most efforts this phone doesn’t skimp on the features.

The mobile comes with HSDPA, Wi-Fi, 2.8" VGA touch screen, GPS, Windows
Mobile 6.1, a three megapixel autofocus camera and FM radio.

There is also a two week trial of Co-Pilot GPS navigation software pre-installed on the phone. .

Erik Staaf, Head of Own Branded Devices said: "Our established O2 Xda
range has proven very popular with experienced PDA users but we are now
pleased to also offer early entrants to the market a Pay & Go
handset without an overcomplicated user interface."

It is available on O2 Pay & Go priced at £249.99 (£100 cheaper than
the iPhone on PAYG) and from free on certain O2 Pay Monthly contracts.

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