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No Xbox 360 price cut – Microsoft

xbox 360 elite
xbox 360 elite

xbox_360_elite.jpgDon’t expect to open up your cornflakes packet and expect an Xbox 360
to fall out. As far as Microsoft is concerned, the popular console is
no going to get any cheaper ny time soon.

The console manfacturer has ruled out any reductions for the forseeable
future, claiming that the device is good enough value for the likes of
us thank you very much.

Stephen McGill, Head of Gaming and Entertainment at Microsoft, told
VideoGamer.com that its range of consoles are at a "great"
price now and so the company won’t be "dropping the price for many, many years".

"We’re a great price now. I’m not dropping the price for many many years in the future I would suspect," he said.

He said that content was a particularly strong point for the console,
compared to Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii and said that the upcoming
New Xbox Experience (NXE) was evidence of this.

NXE will soon be available to Xbox owners via a system update and will
let gamers`"connect with your favourite people and enjoy more games and
entertainment online than with any other device connected to your TV".
It’ll be available for download through the console on November 19.

The Xbox 360 Arcade pack is the cheapest console of the pack, selling for £129.99, but has no hard drive. The 60GB model costs
£169.99, while the Elite retails for £229.99.