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Water-powered car finally hits the shops

h2go hand
h2go hand

you are looking for a new car that runs on water you’d have to wait a
bit longer, in the meantime if you are looking for a small,
remote-controlled version then your wait is over.

The car,
created by H2GO, runs on solar and hydrogen power – meaning that it
will never run out of energy (even in these cloudy lands) and no hassle trawling through all the drawers in the
house for batteries which probably don’t work.

The toy is fuelled by solar energy, the
fuelling station splits water by electrolysis into oxygen and hydrogen – this is
captured to fuel the car and when turned on, the cells start producing
an electric current which creates power for the motors and wheels. The
power station, which charges the car in 4 minutes, leaves the car
running for one hour on a max capacity of 40cc.

Included in the optional
Deluxe set, is the solar panel, which collects energy to the refueling
station and the remote control – the remote control connects both via
an attached cable.

The car will finally be available from this November
and priced at £79.99. £99.99 gets you the deluxe set including the
solar panel. It seems that this innovative piece of technology may be a
great hit.

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