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Google Maps out UK traffic congestion

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googlemaps-logo.jpgBefore you head out of the door to take your place on Europe’s largest
car park (otherwise known as the M25) you might want to fire up your
trusty computer and head over to Google Maps. The search engine
behemoth has teamed up with the Highways Agency to overlay traffic
hotspots on the company’s popular map application.

Users will be able to click on a tab that will take information of
traffic snarl-ups and stick them atop the firm’s satellite imagery, a
la mash-up stylee. The overlay is colour coded so you can see in an
instant where the traffic problems are (no different to assuming that
the M1 is clogged up so hit the backroutes.)

Denise Plumpton, Director of Information at the Highways Agency
said: "I’m delighted that we are the first country in Europe to work
with Google and use our information for the benefit of road users
across the country. This sort of project is a key part of our
information strategy aimed at getting traffic information out to
motorists where and when they need it."

She added that the organisation also provided the BBC with access
to traffic cameras so that motorists could see problems before they
headed off on their journey.