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HP knocks out a couple of smartphones

hp data messenger
hp data messenger

HP phones have always been very popular with HP employees. (Really! Us
journalists notice them using them all the time – it’s just about the
only time we ever see these phones in the wild). But the great big
company now wants to get the rest of us using an HP phone with the
introduction of two new business mobiles, iPaq Voice Messenger and iPaq
Data Messenger.

The Voice messenger is a candybar phone and comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA display
with 20-touch keypad and full email and internet (competing against the likes of BlackBerry’s 8120 Pearl ).
The Data messenger, like the Voice Messenger is a 3G phone, but also
sports a sliding keyboard and a bigger 2.8-inch touchscreen display.

The two phones unsurprisingly feature Windows Mobile 6.1 (we will
probably never see any other OS on an HP phone!) That aside both phones
have a GPS, 8GB of storage (from a microSD card), a 3.1-megapixel
camera avec LED flash and 5x digital zoom. Both also feature HSPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The phones will set you back £333 and £399 for the Voice and Data
Messenger respectively or you can get them from Vodafone Business in

The slightly bigger news from this is that customers of the phones will
be able to download up to four business software applications from HP’s App store. (A little like Apple’s iPhone App Store). There are currently 250 such apps available.

HP will have a long, hard struggle to convinced the smartphone-buying
crowd that its offerings are superior to those of Apple, Google, HTC,
Nokia, BlackBerry,
and Samsung, all of which are successful in punting smartphones to the
masses. The company has around three per cent of hte smartphone market,
Nokia has nearly 50 per cent.

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