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Talismoon strap loves your Wii

talismoon wii diva
talismoon wii diva

Talismoon WiiDiva leather wrist strapWhen you absolutely, positively have to let your Nintendo games console know just how you feel about it, accept no substitute: Talismoon’s WiiDiva is the way to say I love you. That writing on the strap is a dead giveaway…


The peripheral maker says the WiiDiva is carefully constructed from comfortable leather, and decorated with polished chrome hardware.

More than 40 jewels also add some serious sparkle as they spell out the phrase, "I Love Wii".

As well as greater style, Talismoon also reckons the strap is a physical improvement over the original.

That’s thanks to a "special spring loaded" locking mechanism that is adjustable to any size wrist.

The WiiDiva is available to buy now for $12.99 (around £7.60).