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Buffalo launches portable solid state hard drive

buffalo microstation
buffalo microstation

took a while to reach blighty but Buffalo Technology has introduce into
the UK its first portable Solid State Disk (SSD) in the UK. The USB
attached MicroStation stores up to 100GB of data within a compact and
lightweight chassis.

The MicroStation
measures 57 x 14 x 89mm and weighs 56-60g (depending on the disk
inside). And because unlike a traditional hard dirve, it has no moving
parts this makes it pretty much shock resistant so you can drop the
thing without worrying about losing your precious ripped-off music, sorry, data.

SSD technology also cuts down on power consumption, making the product
economical and environmetally friendly while working away from a power
supply. Buffalo’s TurboUSB technology manages somehow to boost data
transfer rates of up to 35MBps.

performance, reliability and power savings are all key demands in the
portable storage market," comments Paul Hudson, Northern European Sales
Director at Buffalo Technology. "SSD technology is able to meet these
requirements and, with this newest addition to our extensive storage
range, Buffalo is now able to offer customers the latest in storage
technology within a portable device."

key features include: Wrap around cable for neat and easy storage, a
powered USB 2.0/1.1 so no need for external power supply, Memeo
AutoBackup Software for backup options (natch!), including regular
system backup and password protection, Buffalo’s exclusive Secure Lock
Ware Encryption software for Windows(useful).

SHD-UHR32GS (32GB) will cost £98.25 (ex. VAT), while the SHD-UHR64GS
(64GB) and SHD-UHR100GS (100GB) £195.31 (ex. VAT) and £292.38 (ex. VAT).

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