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Fingerprint technology replaces passwords

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Comet logoLazy Brits are suffering from password fatigue when trying to log on, according to an electrical retailer. Comet said its latest survey showed UK users were confused by passwords, leading to a huge demand for fingerprint protected computers. 

Comet said sales of computers and laptops equipped with the latest technology have risen an astonishing 91 per cent in the past three months, as consumers look for better ways to safeguard their personal details and prevent against the risk of identity fraud.

However, even with that rise, sales of computers and laptops featuring the latest fingerprint sensors still only amounted to one in 14 – around seven per cent. 

The laptops only provide access when an owner scans their fingerprint, making it impossible for unauthorised use.

The new Comet survey suggests that the popularity of products with enhanced technology could be down to Britons becoming confused about which passwords they choose to protect their computers.

Worryingly, just over a third use the same password to log into files on home and work computers, while more than 70 per cent use fewer than four passwords in total.

The choice of passwords is also often less than inspiring.

Three quarters, 76 per cent, choose their partner’s name, child’s name or pet’s name.

Meanwhile, 37 per cent of men have used their football team or name of their favourite player and a couldn’t-care-less 11 per cent of those questioned admitted to using the word "password" to gain entry to their personal computer.

The research by Comet questioned more than 1,300 customers.

Most commonly chosen passwords:
1 Partner’s name
2 Your own name
3 Birthdate
4 Pet’s name
5 Football team
6 "password"
7 Favourite singer/band
8 mother’s/father’s name
9 House name/street name or house number
10 123456 or abc123