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Very few iPhones in stock – O2

3g iphone
3g iphone

3g_iphone.pngIf you go down the shops today, you’re sure going to be in for a big
surprise. Not really, if you want a shiny new 3G iPhone then today is
really not a good day to get one.

Even though this is the first day the new Jesus phones go on sale to
the great unwashed, sorry the general public. According to O2, each
store will only have a few dozen of the mobiles in stock for eager
customers wishing to have a little of the Apple magic brush off on
them. Also, you’ll need two forms of identification as well as a credit
or debit card. The process is going to take about 20 minutes so be
prepared for you boss not believing you when you say the Central Line
at Northolt got delayed, no one will believe you!!

If you do get you hands on an iPhone, at least when you’ve got bored of
making calls, using the GPS, taking pictures or even, dare we say it,
listening to something on iTunes, then at least you’ll be able to play
a few games.

There should be around 160 games at launch available through the iPhone
App Store and one such game on sale is Sega’s Super Monkey Ball. The
game covers five worlds and 110 separate stages. The game is a bit
Wii-like in as far as it taking advantage of the iPhone’s
motion-sensing capabilities. The game will set Iphone users back £5.99.

As well as games, the new iPhone will be able to run applications not
just from Apple but form third party producers. More than 500 apps will
feature in the store and around 25 percent of them being absolutely
free. A special link here will take people to the new iPhone iTunes App Store.

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