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Asus launch M70 laptop with 1TB storage

asus m70
asus m70

Asus is created a bit of a stir at the moment with punting out small laptop after smaller laptop,
but is set to return to something more substantial with a notebook that
can store over 350 movies (long plane flights need never be boring

The M70 sounds more like a weapon, but has enough storage that you need
never think about buying an external hard drive ever again. Also, it
comes with a Blu-ray player and 17-inch HD screen which, according to
Asus, responds to ambient lighting to deliver "the
best possible experience" and avoid eye strain.

As for the graphics, the lappie comes with a Widescreen Ultra eXtended
Graphics Array has an enhanced Full-HD
definition of 2.3 million pixels at 1,920 x 1,200 resolution.
Sound-wise there is no let up – the device comes with four built-in
Altec Lansing speakers and a subwoofer,
and a dual-mode multimedia interface touchpad doubles as the tracker

Making sure that all this power is properly delivered, the notebook has 4GB of memory and an Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 at 2.5GHz.

And just to make sure that you are fully aware of its multimedia
capabilities, Asus is throwing in a Blu-ray copy of Batman Begins. And
if you get bored of that, there is in in-built TV tuner.

Apparently, the unit will set you back £1600, but you can get your mitts on one for free with a competition at its askasus website.


Asus launch M70 laptop with 1TB storage