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Review: Millets Glastonbury tent pegs

millets glasto tent pegs
millets glasto tent pegs

Glastonbury biodegradable tent pegs from MilletsThe Glastonbury Festival is encouraging this year’s visitors to camp in an environmentally-friendly manner with its Love The Farm – Leave No Trace campaign. To help with that, Millets has joined forces with Glasto to provide one million biodegradable tent pegs. But are they any good?

Well, it’s a real shame to have to report that what is an absolutely brilliant idea in theory is quite poorly carried out in practice.

Anyone who followed the official advice given out by Glastonbury to leave their metal pegs at home would have been cursing their green intentions.

While some of the pegs went into the ground and did their job, all too often they split or shattered as they were being pushed in.

Lacking a mallet, we weren’t able to test how they fared when hit with more precision.

However, we’d argue that a mallet isn’t exactly standard kit for today’s easy to erect tents, especially as there were 13 of us camping together and not one of us bothered to pack one.

The practice of pushing pegs in using the sole of your shoe, which works so well with metal pegs, was particularly destructive to the eco-friendly versions.

Overall, this is a top idea that needs more work to make it a feasible solution.